General Packaging Tapes

A vast range of case sealing tapes, both for hand and machine application is available from 3M. Features include the ability to withstand deep freeze conditions, the ability to adhere well to recycled fibreboard and a roll to roll consistency, ensuring increased productivity for improved unit costs.

Filament Tapes

When you need a solution which combines strengthand holding power higher than that offered by a box sealing tape - for example to ensure a secure seal on very heavy boxes, tab metal coils, bundle cables or secure doors and shelving, not to mention stabilising your pallets, 3M's specialist filament reinforced and strapping tape product range meets the challenge.

Packaging Machinery

From a comprehensive range of hand applicators to our range of 3M -Matic case sealers and over 30 years of case sealing experience, 3M are able to offer cost effective, innovative solutions to all your case sealing issues. Scotch TM brand hand dispensers help minimise worker fatigue, while machine versions help ensure fast, reliable production.

Plastic and Steel Strapping

Available in both plastic and steel, our range of strapping and strapping systems from Payne includes a number of width options, material choice and applicators from basic manual models through to semi-automatic or fully automatic systems for a total approach to reliable product or pallet strapping.

Stretch-Wrap and Machinery

Stretch-wrapping is used in a wide variety of industries, being an easy and effective way to wrap and secure loads to a pallet regardless of shape or size. Our range of products from Payne, include materials in a variety of widths and thickness options, along with applicators from hand use to fully automatic end of line units.

Printed Tape and Strapping

Additional visual impact can be achieved by using printed tape or strapping. This could include your company details, handling or security instructions, or even details of your latest new products or offers. Call us for more details on a low cost option to personalised and promotional packaging.

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