Anti-Static Protection

Anti-Static Bags and Packaging

Whatever your requirements in speciality electronics packaging, we have a wide range of solutions - static shielding bags, electrically conductive bags and liners, electronically conductive foam and cushioned static shielding bags and wrap. we are also able to offer electrically conductive film and tubing, along with advice on choice and application.

Wrist and Foot Straps

The simple practice of grounding workers via wrist straps is the most inexpensive method of ESD (Electrostatic discharge) control and provides the most immediate benefits. It is estimated that 40% of a company's total static control cost savings depends on the proper functioning of its wrist straps. Our range of products helps ensure you achieve this.


Costly danger from ESD means that companies must exercise constant vigilance which can help ensure peak performance in operations. 3M's work station monitors are designed with just this purpose in mind - to provide customers with a cost effective, continuous monitoring system taht will reliably detect small problems with ESD before they become big ones.


This advanced range of static control products from Ion Systems is specifically aimed at the electronics and clean room industries. The products have been designed to meet the requirements of both the ESD and ESA (Electrostatic attraction) markets. Products include Static Locators, Ion Nozzles and Ion Bars.

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