Engineering Supplies

Oils, Lubricants and Cutting Fluids

We offer a range of products from Cimcool and Castrol including metal cutting fluids covering most machining and grinding applications. These metal working fluids have gained wide acclaim for their outstanding cooling, lubricity and washing action. In addition, a range of fluids for the metalforming industry is available, for example, drawing of steel cans.

Metal Cutting Tools

From the very basic twist drill bit for timber, through to high technology masonry and coated products, we are able to offer a complete range of drill bits from Sandvik, Clarkson Osborn Dormer, Presto, Guhring, Titex and Garryson coupled with selection and usage advice. You can be sure therefore, that you receive the best drill for the job.

In addition to our extensive range of drills, we also offer a comprehensive range of taps and dies for all metal cutting and threading processes.

Carbide Inserts

For specialist operations, we offer a full range of turning and milling tools. These include, from Sandvik and Iscar, grooving profiling and turning tools, face milling, die and mould making tools, designed for high metal removal rates, side cutters, cutters for square shoulder facemilling and high precision end milling.

Hacksaw and Bandsaw Blades

Bi-metal, high speed steel blades are essential for tough materials and cutting operations of all types. Hand and power hacksaw blades from Bahco, Simmons and Do-All form the nucleus of a vast range of sawing products, including a series of products for bandsaws, for the cutting of metals and alloys.

Measuring Equipment

We have literally hundreds of types of micrometers and other measuring devices to choose from. Leading names, such as Starrett and Mitutoyo ensure the products we offer are the best available for build quality, durability and accuracy, offering peace of mind in many years of constant use.

Hand Tools

Hammers , screwdrivers, spanners wood shaping, mallets, shovels, saws, files, levels, pliers, sockets sets...whatever your requirements for hand tools, we are confident we can supply. Supplying tools from Draper and Bahco and Facom ensures maximum value and quality.

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