Tapes & Adhesives

Speciality Single Coated Tapes and Double Coated Tapes

3M's range of processing tapes improve efficiency and quality in a wide range of industries and applications. As well as a consistent mask, we provide a reliable seal, a lowfriction surface and protection in harsh conditions. This range is completed by our product offering from Advance Tapes which includes a full range of single sided foam, PVC and waterproof cloth tapes. 3M double sided tapes represent the most comprehensive range of advanced acrylic and rubber adhesive tape systems available in industry today. The range utilises a number of technologies and are available in a range of performance and technical specifications, sizes, adhesive types and thicknesses.


With adhesives becoming more common place in industry today, it is important that the widest possible range of products are available to suit your application. 3M have an extensive range of structural, hot melt, aerosol and liquid adhesives, including applicators allowing you the confidence that adhesives can make the difference in your manufactured products.

Cushioning Products & Recloseable Fasteners

A range of 3M Bumpon moulded products provide you with a simple, reliable way to eliminate slipping, reduce vibration, dampen sound and protect surfaces from damage. Whenever your needs call for reliable reclosability, removability or repositionability, 3M reclosable fasteners let you do this quickly, easier and reliably.

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